1. This page will publish disturbing details surrounding  current Calgary Police Service Inspector Joe Brar of the Calgary Police Services Anti Corruption Unit. The disturbing details surround his time in the Calgary Police Services Professional Standards Section,  then onto collusion with the Calgary Police Commission and members of it’s staff, which goes all the way up to the then Chair of the Police Commission, Mike Shaikh. Please also view the page titled CPC on this website.

2. In the November of 2009 Brar was then an acting SSgt in the Professional Standards section of the Calgary police service and was the primary investigator into serious allegations made against a senior Detective, those allegations were made by myself and were also published on my websites for all to see.

( Those published facts were the focus of Ex Chief Hansen and Sgt Murray Bartley of the RCMP, criminal libel charges laid against me in the September of 2010. see their page. )

3. The police file numbers for those investigations were #09-1055 and #09-1089.

4. The allegations against the senior Detective included offences under the Criminal Code of Canada and many offences under the Police Act and the Police Regulations.

5. Every 45 days from the 9th day of December 2009 through to the 14th July 2010 on files #09-1055 and file #09-1089, I received a letter stating from Professional Standards that the investigations were still ongoing.

6. Regarding file #09-1089 only, I received a further 2 letters, on the 28th August 2010 and the 12th October 2010. These letters stated the internal investigation was complete and the file was being reviewed by then Chief Rick Hanson.

7. The next letter I received was dated the 20th Day of October 2010, signed by Mike Shaikh the Chair of the Calgary Police Commission. The letter stated that they have endorsed the recommendation of Chief Hanson and all of the allegations are dismissed.


8. In 2012 Joe Brar under oath and realizing that if he continued to lie he would most certainly be charged with perjury, admitted that no investigations into the senior Detective were ever conducted regarding Calgary police service files #09-1055 and #09-1089.

9. Every letter I had received stating the investigations were continuing, were all a lie. Every conversation with Brar and other police service members (to be named later) where they stated that the investigations were ongoing, were also all lies.

10. The letter from Mike Shaikh Chair of the Calgary Police Commission, the decision by Ex Chief Rick Hanson, was all a cover up and continuation of all of those lies.

11. At the time of the letter from Mike Shaikh (20th October 2010) all of the serious allegations I had made in files #09-1055 and #09-1089 were also published on my websites. Ex Chief Rick Hansons 4 Criminal Libel charges were also still before the courts.

12. Twent nine (29) days after Mike Shaikhs letter (18th November 2010) Hansons charges of Criminal Libel were thrown out of court. The courts in essence stated that everything published on my websites was true, which they were then, and which they still are today.

13. Nine (9) days after Mike Shaikhs letter and nineteen (19) days before the courts threw out the Criminal Libel charges, the senior Detective resigned from the Calgary Police Service.

14. As a consequence of resigning from the Calgary police, this senior Detective stopped any internal repercussions from the Calgary police service, as they no longer had any jurisdiction over him, that is under the Police Act or Police Regulation.

15. But there are no such limitations under the Criminal Code of Canada.

Much more to follow: