Calgary Police Service Detective Zelenskis business card describes her MSC, Psych, a Certified Threat Assessor, Offender management, the Behavioral Science Unit (BSU) also known as the Integrated Threat & Risk Assessment Center (ITRAC).

That is quite the mouthful, and you would think from those credentials that Detective Zelenski would be as honest a cop as there ever could be. Well I hate to disappoint you, as you would be wrong, you would be very very wrong. And she is just one of many senior officers you’d be very very wrong about.

JUST SOME of the lies that the RCMP and the Calgary Police Service via Zelenski, and others, have been peddling to senior employees of the Alberta Government, senior employees of the City of Calgary, the general public and anyone else they can discourage. These cops truly truly expect you to believe the bullshit that they’re peddling. and why wouldn’t they. After all these are cops you’re talking to, cops don’t lie, do they.


CORRUPT COPS LIE NUMBER 1: There is no truth to what John Kelly is publishing.
CORRUPT COPS LIE NUMBER 2: We are trying to get Kelly’s websites shut down.
CORRUPT COPS LIE NUMBER 3: Kelly has a history of stalking.
CORRUPT COPS LIE NUMBER 4: Kelly has a history of harassment.
CORRUPT COPS LIE NUMBER 5: Kelly suffers from a serious mental illness.
CORRUPT COPS LIE NUMBER 6: Kelly’s been diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
CORRUPT COPS LIE NUMBER 7: Kelly’s been convicted of stalking harassing City employees.

Let’s make no mistakes here, these Corrupt Calgary Cops and their cohorts are fighting tooth and nail to stop any investigation from being conducted. They know that they’ve committed multiple criminal acts, and they know, that there’s no statute of limitations.

The Cops play dirty, and they will continue to play dirty. They are criminals masquerading as cops, proven liars – perjurers, proven destroyers of evidence, if they are the ones supposedly policing society who’s policing them.

No matter how much Mis-Disinformation they continue to pump out, their deceit, lies and criminal wrongdoings are still being exposed, one at a time. There is no such thing as having too much evidence, and especially when that evidence being provided, is so overwhelmingly overwhelming, against Corrupt Calgary Cops and their Cohorts.


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