I was involved in a Law Enforcement Review Board {LERB} process that was corrupted by Senior Calgary Police officers along with others, who successfully conspired to obstruct justice and have an outcome that suited them.

That outcome was to have the rotten cops found not guilty. In on this brazen conspiracy was the Chair of the LERB John Phillips, who found in favor of the Calgary Police and ALSO awarded them a judgment of Five Thousand Dollars to be paid by me.

The Lawyer for the Calgary Police Service in that LERB hearing, now a Justice of the Court of Kings Bench Calgary, filed that $5,000.00 judgment with the courts on behalf of the police, but never came after me for the money.

That was because they all knew that the judgment was gained by criminal means and that by enforcing the judgment they would be committing further criminal acts, by obtaining monies by deception, by fraud, and other offences.

FAST FORWARD to JULY 2020: Calgary Police Chief Mark Neufeld so upset that he can’t take down any of my websites outing his corrupt cops, directed his legal department and Bennett Jones LLP to go to the Calgary courts and renew the 2010 $5,000.00 Dollar judgment that had now lapsed.

The original lawyer from the law firm of Bennett Jones that represented the police at the hearing, and also filed the $5000 judgment, could not do so as she was now a sitting Court of Kings Bench Justice. So an application to renew was made by Andrea Froese another partner at Bennett Jones, to have the courts renew the judgment so Neufeld could come after me.

After being served with the application documents, I then duly informed, and sent to Andrea Froese, documents proving the judgment awarded against me, had in fact been gained by criminal means.

I also informed Froese, that if Chief Neufeld insisted on going ahead with the Application, I would provide the Courts with the same documents Froese now had, and also request that criminal charges be laid against Chief Neufeld and others involved, for attempting to obtain monies by deception and criminal means, and have the $5000 judgment found to be invalid.

Shortly thereafter on the 28th of August 2020, the following document (In Bold) was filed at the Court of Queens Bench in Calgary, by Andrea Froese of Bennett Jones LLP, on behalf of Chief Neufeld and the Calgary Police Service.

By filing that document called a (SATISFACTION PIECE) Chief Neufeld acknowledged that the LERB hearing was wholly tainted and that the judgment awarded against John Kelly, was gained by criminal means.

SATISFACTION PIECE DATED THE 28TH OF AUGUST 2020 – TAKE NOTICE that it is hereby acknowledged that the Judgment in the amount of $5,000.00 plus post-judgment interest granted against the Respondent, John Kelly, in favor of the Chief of Police of the Calgary Police Service, pursuant to a Judgment of the Law Enforcement Review Board on April 9, 2010, and an Order dated June 8, 2010, in the within matter, is hereby satisfied in full, on the basis that the Applicants will not be pursing renewal of the Judgment granted against the Respondent, or payment of the Judgment. DATED at the City of Calgary, in the Province of Alberta, this 28 day of August, 2020…. Andrea Froese BENNETT JONES LLP Counsel for the Applicants/Chief Constable of the Calgary Police Service:

LERB stands for the Law Enforcement Review Board of Alberta. The LERB is supposed to be the watchdog that citizens can go to, when rotten cops are found not guilty of misconduct by their own corrupt professional standards section and their own corrupt Chief of Police and their own internal criminal network.

The LERB isn’t supposed to be another layer of the rotten cops criminal network. This is more validation, what I’d published then and still publish today, is the truth.

That is, that the Calgary Police, it’s Corrupt Cops and Cohorts, have no trouble at all, manufacturing and fabricating investigation files. And police officers and others (regardless of rank) when placed under oath and in jeopardy and on the stand, will not only perjure themselves without a seconds thought, and commit further crooked, corrupt and criminal acts.

DOING SO: Knowing they have the Old Boys Cop Network to back them up.