KEY: Is for Owen Key who in March 2020, left his position as the Chief Information Security Officer for the City of Calgary, also known as corporate security. Owen started this position in the November of 2004.

GOLDMINE: I initiated a freedom of Information and Privacy request on the corporate security department of the City of Calgary. That was the department headed by Owen Key. What I received was a goldmine of information about the corrupt and crooked inner workings of City Hall. A total of Four Hundred and Thirty Four pages (434) in just one request. Those pages alone, ranging from 2001, cover major City departments, Aldermanic Councillors offices, Mayors office, CALGARY POLICE SERVICE and much more.

Those 434 pages and the many other documents and materials in my possession would be a boon to any 2025 candidate running for election in any of the Wards or Mayors office.


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