FOREWORD: Membership of the Old Boys Club of the Calgary Police Service, the RCMP and other law enforcement agencies, does not end when they leave those services. A crooked individual in those services will be a crooked individual out of those services.

When they leave, they get jobs as private Investigators, they get hired by the City of Calgary, other law enforcement agencies, Justice departments such as ASIRT, the Prison Service, even the Law Society of Alberta has corrupt and crooked ex cop(s) investigating corrupt and crooked lawyers, the list is endless (much more to follow on this).

Emma McIntosh of the Star newspaper in Calgary published an article on the  daily culture of harassment and bullying being endured by women officers within the Calgary Police Service, that is the tip of the iceberg of the Old Boys Club.


In that article past and present police officers are quoted, including quotes from current Chief Roger Chaffin. The byline on the article (above) in the Star was both telling and very hard hitting;

1. In my 30 plus years of living in Calgary, there has only been one other police Chief besides Roger Chaffin that’s attempted to get rid of the old boys club, and the rotten apples that infested the service they now presided over. That person was Christine Silverberg who was Chief of Police from 1995 to 2000.

2. Past Chief Rick Hanson and Chief Jack Beaton who came after Silverberg, made no attempt to overhaul the corruption and the good old boys network that was, and still is to a great extent, pandemic within the Calgary Police Service. In fact, quite the opposite, they encouraged corrupt and criminal acts by their members, and for those that were willing to participate more fully, promotion was their reward.

3. Hanson and Beaton both ensured that the Professional Standards Section of the Calgary Police Service would be housed with their rotten apples. Once they were in that section, they could protect the other rotten apples. How ironic is that, rotten apples responsible for investigating complaints against other rotten apples.

4. Once they knew, the rotten apples they’d placed in Professional Standards could be trusted to cover up fully for their fellow officers, those rotten apples were then promoted. Some of those rotten apples who thrived under them, still occupy senior positions within the Calgary Police Service.

5. The police, policing the police. Corrupt cops policing corrupt cops. Organized crime in the sublime, it’s poetry in motion. And the people that were to suffer were the citizens of Calgary, and especially those citizens that had the misfortune to run into them.

6. When anyone provides evidence to the police of corrupt and criminal acts being committed, either by one of their own police members, staff, or by someone in their fellow organizations, they nearly always follow the same Criminal Pattern of Procedure when they begin to cover that up.

7. Very senior officers within the Calgary Police Service, the RCMP, the Calgary Police Commission and others, have irrefutable proof of corrupt and criminal acts, having and being committed by past and present police officers, staff members and others. Yet instead of acting and following the law, their first instinct is always to go into full blown cover up mode.

8. The sections of the Criminal Code of Canada that they commit offences under, when they follow their Criminal Pattern of Procedure are almost exactly the same.


9. The Criminal Code offences detailed below are just some of the serious offences under the Criminal Code. This list also does not include all of the other violations that have been committed that also fall under Criminal Code of Canada (perjury and subornation of perjury), the Police Act, or other Acts and Regulations the named individuals are required to adhere to, by law.

Section 21: Parties to an offence.
Section 22: Person counselling offence.
Section 128: Misconduct by officers.
Section 239: Attempt to commit murder
Section 131: Misleading justice.
Section 137: Fabricating evidence.
Section 139: Obstructing justice.
Section 464: Counselling offence not committed.
Section 465: Conspiracy.

Section 465 (1) (b) (c) and (d) clearly spells out that every one who conspires with any one to prosecute a person for an alleged offence, knowing that he did not commit that offence, is guilty of an indictable offence.

Much more to follow: