Pass the Buck

1. When I contacted Chief Chaffins office requesting criminal investigations be conducted regarding the irrefutable evidence in their possession, that past and present Calgary Police officers and others, had committed criminal and corrupt acts. Such evidence that they and Chief Chaffin has personally had since before he became the Chief of the Calgary Police Service.

2. The Chiefs office told me to contact their Professional Standards Division as it is their jurisdiction. I did as I was directed and the Professional Standards Division told me that since it involved the past Chief of Police and the current Chief of Police, it was the sole jurisdiction of Brian Thiessen and the Calgary Police Commission to investigate.

3. I did as I was directed and contacted the Chair of the Calgary Police Service, Brian Thiessen, explaining all of the above. Thiessen told me to contact him on his official e-mail at the Police Commission and not his law firm e-mail.

4. I did as I was told by Brian Thiessen, only to be then told by the Police Commission that it was not their jurisdiction, but the sole  jurisdiction of the Calgary Police Service to investigate the criminal complaints, and it’s them that I should be contacting.


5. None of them want to be in charge of an investigation, they all know will result in multiple criminal charges being laid against past and present Calgary Police officers and others.

NOTE: Please also read the page titled CPC (more to follow)

6. Chief Chaffin retired on the 1st Day of January 2019, less than 3 years into his 5 year contract, and the Calgary Police Association is calling for the immediate resignation of Brian Thiessen. I was hoping before either leaves office, one of them will do the right thing, before Government Agencies and the Courts are involved.

Much Much more to follow on this: