UPDATED 11th March 2020 One of the most respected Justices at the Court of Queen’s Bench Calgary, is the Honourable Justice Earl Wilson. Justice Wilson advised me in open court, at the Court of Queens Bench Calgary, that the Calgary police and the Crown were out to jail me, and that innocent people go to jail all the time, and he should know. Justice Wilson was 100% right.

2020 is not going to be a good year for Calgarys top cop Chief Nuefeled. Nor the crooked cops that he wants and intends to promote. This website and others, already shine a light into the past and the ongoing criminal corruption within the Calgary Police Service, the RCMP and the Crown. The evidence is as ugly as it is obvious, it is irrefutable and very very damning.

Good cops know the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong, and they choose to do what’s good. Bad cops also know the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong, but they choose to do what’s bad. The bad cops profiled (so far) on this website, are very, very, bad cops.

My name is John Kelly, and this and my other websites will expose the criminal and corrupt acts committed by present and past Chiefs, senior officers and other ranks, from within the Calgary police service, the RCMP, individuals from within the Crowns office, others who are named on my websites, and others yet to be named.

Current Calgary Police Chief Mark Neufeld, is fully aware of the sheer depth and breadth of the lies, cover ups, corruption, criminal acts and much more committed by past and present cops under his command. Neufeld knows that they’ve plowed and repeatedly continue to plow, Double Decker Buses, right through the Criminal Code of Canada & Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Neufeld also knows they’ve orchestrated and continue to orchestrate a total corruption of the justice system in Alberta. Nuefeld knows that they can still get away with the corrupt and criminal acts they’ve committed and those they intend to continue to commit. Because, after all, who polices the police… ?

Apparently NOT Chief Neufeld, as he’s on record, categorically stating that he will not investigate the many criminal acts committed by past and present Calgary and RCMP police officers. Nor will he charge, any of the crooked ex cops, or crooked present Calgary and RCMP police officers, or others. Neufeld was hired to bring the corrupt and rogue organization he now commands, to account. Instead Neufelds helping them, aiding them, and giving them comfort to carry on as usual.

TOM ENGEL CRIMINAL LAWYER: Calgary Police Service ala Arkinstall Inquiry:

” If instead of dealing head on with serious police misconduct you try to sweep it under the carpet, eventually it comes out and then it’s much worse than if you had dealt with it properly in the first place “.

FEB 2019 CROWN PROSECUTOR JULIE SNOWDON: On the Calgary Police Service.

“ Offences involving police corruption are very serious and must be treated as such,” the Edmonton prosecutor told Calgary Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Bryan Mahoney. “These are offences … against the rule of law.” conduct such as this “undermine the public confidence in the police.”. “The stability of society rests on the integrity of police officers,”.. “The Criminal Code places great power in the hands of the police.”… “Police corruption tends to be a newsworthy thing. ”

BREAKING NEWS: Ex Calgary cop John Dooks, has used his position as Manager of Investigations for the Law Society of Alberta, to commit corrupt and criminal acts. Those acts include Obstruction of Justice, Criminal Breach of Trust and more. Dooks has done so in order to protect other crooked police officers (past & present) from within the Calgary police service the RCMP et al.

The corrupt and criminal acts committed by John Dooks, is the workings of the Crooked Cops Network in full view. For 16 months John Dooks promised many times that he would do the right thing, it didn’t matter if it was a dirty lawyer or a dirty cop, he would do his job. John Dooks is a Liar….. see page titled DOOKS.

THE COURTS: What’s been published on this website and other websites, and what will be published in the future, will be able to stand up to any scrutiny, in any Civil court or Criminal court of law.

Because the irrefutable difference between false allegations and the truth, is proof. Because a lie will not fit a fact, it will only fit another lie made for that purpose, the life of a lie is just a question of time. And their time is all but up.


CORRUPTION IN THE CROWN PROSECUTORS OFFICE: Peter MacKenzie the Executive Director of Specialized Prosecutions for Alberta Justice, is refusing me access to files (which is my right) including files that are associated with the multiple bogus criminal libel charges laid against me. Such files that prove criminal conduct by prosecutors in his office, in collusion with the RCMP and Calgary Police officers.

MacKenzie is going so far as to make veiled and implied threats. ” Your contact has been referred back to our security and protection officials and will be monitored going forward.” Is Peter MacKenzie going to ensure that more bogus charges are filed against me, leading to more wrongful convictions and more false imprisonments, courtesy of the collusion between his office, the Calgary police and the RCMP.

Director of Provincial Public Complaints: The office of Alexander Behnke the Provincial Public Complaint Director for Alberta, has irrefutable evidence in his possession, in the form of supporting documents & materials. Outlining, the sheer level, and degree of involvement, of corrupt and criminal acts committed by senior police officers past and present. These documents and materials, clearly show that the police cannot be trusted to police themselves and they certainly cannot be trusted to investigate themselves.

It’s been very clear from the lengthy discussions held with the Director, that an outside agency must be appointed immediately. It’s the only way to ensure that the corrupt senior individuals operating within corrupt police organizations and agencies can be brought to task. Many many corrupt and criminal acts have been committed, in order to cover up previous corrupt and criminal acts.

Much more to follow:  johnkelly475@yahoo.ca