RIGHT NOWCALGARY POLICE CHIEF MARK NEUFELD is committing crooked corrupt & criminal acts that are punishable under the Alberta Police Act & the Criminal Code of Canada. Because Chief Neufeld is playing Blind Deaf & Dumb to the past & present crimes committed and continuing to be committed by officers under his command. In doing so Chief Neufeld is also aiding and abetting those officers, as well as others and much more… Read page titled COP-CRIMES….

BREAKING-NEWS: At the end of August 2020, the Calgary Police Service, by their own actions, words and deeds, admitted, they knew all along, that senior police officers along with others successfully committed many many corrupt, crooked and criminal acts, when they successfully conspired to commit offences that they knew to be criminal in order to obstruct justice within a Law Enforcement Review Board hearing between John Kelly v Senior Police Detectives and others. Then they knowingly committed many more criminal acts in their efforts to cover that up. Read pages titled UPDATE & PROOF:

2020 has been a year of spotlights shining on the corrupt police forces in Canada, and make no mistake, the Calgary Police Service {the CPS} are the most corrupt.

The astonishing amount of damaging lies and disinformation that the CPS continue to spread in order to cover up their corrupt, crooked and criminal acts, would have made Adolph Hitlers propaganda Minister Herr Joseph Goebbels, very, very proud.

WHEN CALGARY POLICE CHIEF MARK NEUFELD was hired to be the Chief of the Calgary Police Service, he was expected to be a person of the utmost integrity and honesty. Chief Neufeld is falling far short, of the high standards of professionalism, trust & integrity, expected of any police officer.

Chief Neufeld is failing in his duty to the citizens of Calgary, to uphold the law and to uphold the proper administration of justice. As the Chief of Police in the highest position of trust in Calgary, he is spectacularly failing in his legal duties through his crooked, corrupt and unlawful actions.

When you absolutely know something bad has happened within your police force. When you absolutely know something bad is happening within your police force, and do nothing. Then you’re no longer a witness you’re an accomplice. So Chief Neufeld, please answer this. Are you a Crook or a Cop ?

TRUTH:: The Honourable Justice Earl Wilson is one of the most respected Justices at the Court of Queen’s Bench in Calgary. Justice Wilson advised me in open court, that the Calgary Police Service & the Crown were out to jail me, and that innocent people go to jail all the time, and he (Justice Wilson) should know.

Justice Wilson was 100% right. The Calgary Police Service under Chief Hanson, and the RCMP under Sgt Bartley, working in collusion with the Crown under Karen Hewitt, manipulated the justice system to their benefit, and had me wrongfully convicted and jailed for 30 months on 3 bogus charges.

My name is John Kelly, and this and my other websites will deem to expose those liars, thieves, crooks & criminals, that have and still infest the ranks of the Calgary Police Service. How their many corrupt, crooked and criminal acts leave a trail of devastation and damage to their victims. Such acts are not only committed by the rank and file, but more often than not, by the Top Cops and their senior officers.

This website is continually being revamped, as are others. It is going to focus on shining a very bright light into the present and ongoing criminal corruption within the Calgary Police Service. Such corruption that still exists under the new Chief Mark Neufeld, the man brought in to clean it up. The evidence is as ugly as it is obvious, it is also irrefutable and very damning.

This website is a work in progress. johnkelly475@yahoo.ca