1. Before he became Judge Les Grieve of the Provincial Criminal Court in Calgary, Les Grieve was a senior Crown Prosecutor, who personally handed to me, a thirteen (13) page document that he’d authored on what constituted the criminal offence of perjury. Judge Grieve gave me that document so that I could nail the crooked and corrupt cops.

The document’s titled Perjury Prosecutions & Practical Pointers by Les Grieve.

2. That document listed seven (7) elements of proof that had to be present in order for the courts to give a resounding finding of guilt, on someone who was charged with the offence of perjury.

(a). The statement is false;
(b). The statement was made under solemn affirmation or oath;
(c). The person before whom the statement was made was authorized to receive such statements;
(d). The statement was given orally, by Affidavit, or solemn declaration;
(e). The accused was specifically permitted, authorized or required by law to make that statement;
(f). The accused knew the statement was false;
(g). The accused intended to mislead.

3. That document wasn’t widely dispersed outside of his office.

4. Judge Grieve sole purpose in giving me that document, was to nail the crooked cops asses to the wall. Yet the Justice at my trial wouldn’t allow that document entered as evidence in my defence. Ironic that a sitting Justice would not allow a document authored by the past Chief Crown Prosecutor in Calgary and now a sitting Judge.


BOGUS SEARCH & SEIZURE WARRANT: Chief Hanson, Sgt Bartley and rest of their crooked cohorts, knew that I had the proof in documents and materials to support and sustain the facts that I’d published on my websites. The decided that the only way they could get to my documents and materials was by fraudulently obtaining a search and seizure warrant on my residence.

AND that’s exactly what they did. They knowingly misled, lied to, and deceived a Judge in the Lethbridge courts into giving a search and seizure warrant on myself and my residence. They then executed that bogus warrant and seized boxes and boxes containing hundred upon hundreds of documents and materials from my residence. Within days 99% of what they took from my residence they destroyed. Sgt Bartley of the RCMP was the sworn informant on that fraudulently obtained warrant.

BOGUS CHARGES: In total, the Calgary police, the RCMP and the Special Crown prosecutors office laid over 30 plus bogus criminal charges against me. As they were thrown out of court, they just made up more. On this page, this website, and my other websites, are specific and true facts that show all of those 30 plus charges to be bogus, and more specifically the three (3) they managed to convict me on.

In having me wrongfully convicted and placed in jail, Chief Rick Hanson of the Calgary Police and his co-conspirators deceived the criminal Justice system, the criminal courts and criminal court Judges and Justices.

Not content with the 15 criminal charges they tried in Provincial Criminal Court, they went to the Court of Queen’s Bench and ended up laying another 17 plus bogus charges.

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