1. In order for Rick Hanson, then Chief of the Calgary police Service, to successfully carry out his criminal and corrupt enterprise to have me wrongfully convicted and placed in jail, Chief Hanson and his co-conspirators, were going to have to deceive the criminal Justice system, and boy did they do that ever so successfully.

2. Hanson’s goal in carrying out his plan, was to nullify me and my websites.

3. In bold below, is the deal entered into by Chief Hanson of behalf of the Calgary Police Service and the RCMP, as described in an e-mail sent from Sgt Bartley RCMP to others, including Bob Fenton who is still the lawyer for the Chief of the Calgary Police Service. The deal required the said Sgt Bartley who was with the Lethbridge Major Crimes, appointed as the lead investigator.

  The RCMP has agreed to investigate defamatory libel concerning members of the Calgary Police Service (CPS) Homicide Unit, and the obstruction of a historic homicide the CPS detectives were pursuing. That was the request put forth to the RCMP by Chief Hanson and our parameters of investigation will be constrained to meet that request only. Bear in mind, this unit (Lethbridge Major Crimes) is primarily a homicide investigation unit, so our demands are high and numerous, in addition to those required to properly meet this (John Kelly) file. We, the RCMP are dealing with matters concerning defamatory libel and obstruction of their (CPS) homicide investigators on a historic homicide only. “

4. The reason for Sgt Bartley RCMP being given the lead investigator position to investigate a citizen of Calgary on what are, very very minor offences, is equally disturbing. Chief Hanson needed a very crooked cop to carry out his very crooked criminal enterprise of putting me in prison. Even more so when four (4) of the initial seven (7) charges (defamatory libel) should have been dealt with by way of filing at the Civil court.

This Hanson-RCMP deal resulted in the initial 7 charges being laid against me.

(a). Two (2) charges stated that I interfered with potential witnesses in the cold case homicide of Aaron Shoulders covering a total of 628 days.

(b). Four (4) charges stated that I committed the offence of Criminal libel by posting what they  said was defamatory and untrue statements about two police officers on my website(s).

(c). Although not part of the deal, I was also charged with committing the offence of threatening conduct against a Calgary police officer, covering a total of over Three Thousand Three Hundred and Sixty Five (3,365) days. That police officer was also named as a victim in charges related to (a) and (b) above.

5. Just seven weeks after my arrest, and no evidence being provided to support the charges they had laid against me in Provincial Criminal Court, a Judge warned them that if they couldn’t provide one iota, or one speck of evidence they would not like what was going to happen at the next court appearance. Two weeks later Judge Millar of the Provincial Criminal Court in Calgary, tossed out all 7 charges including the 4 criminal libel charges.

6. Immediately after Judge Millers actions, the Crown tried to lay a further 8 criminal charges against me. Judge Miller stopped them dead in their tracks, telling them they were not going to pull stunts like that in his court room.

7. No appeal was ever filed by the Crown, they knew as did Judge Miller that there was no defamatory libel, that the statements that were on my website(s) were all true, and they all knew that Hanson, Bartley and the Crown, had filed 7 criminal charges knowing all 7 were bogus & made up.

8. According to the deal made between Hanson and the RCMP, that should have been the end of these matters. But the goal of Hanson and the RCMP was to get me placed in jail any way they could, so they continued on with their deception. Not content with the 15 criminal charges they tried in Provincial Criminal Court, they went to the Court of Queen’s Bench and  ended up laying another 19 plus bogus charges.


9. One of my websites had been up since late 2005 and the others had been up from 2008 onward. All prior to Hanson and Bartley orchestrating the criminal libel charges against me in 2010. Yet in all that time they had Never…..

(a) Never applied to the court for any restraining orders.
(b) Never applied to the court for any injunctions.
(c) Never sued me for defamation.
(d) Never sued me for libel.
(e) Never sued me for slander.
(f) Never filed for any relief at all, at any court, regarding my websites.

To this day they’ve still never applied for any of (a) to (f) above.

10. As for the contents of this website, or the contents of any of my other current websites, I can guarantee you that they will not apply for any of (a) to (f). Because they know now, as they knew then, that the contents of my websites were and are true.


11. What really matters now is going to be this. What is the current Chief of the Calgary Police Service and the RCMP going to do about it now.

There are no statute of limitations on criminal acts.

12. They all have copies of the contents of my websites, both past and present. They also have many documents and materials clearly showing corrupt and criminal acts, having been, and still being committed.


Much more to follow: