COP FUCKERY: The truth doesn’t cease to exist just because cops commit Cop-Fuckery. The truth certainly doesn’t cease to exist because cops then commit Advanced Cop-Fuckery to cover up the truth. And the truth certainly does not cease to exist just because cops then commit Super Advanced Cop-Fuckery in their attempts to bury the truth.

The difference between allegations and facts are proof. Because a lie will not fit a fact, a lie only fits another lie made for that purpose, the life of a lie is just a question of time.

POLICE: When a formal complaint is filed with the police, you at least expect them to do an investigation, interview witnesses, collect evidence, then based on what is found, to either lay charges or not. It’s not rocket science, you just want them to do their job.

You certainly don’t expect them to outright lie to you. To do nothing, whilst all the time telling you, that they’re doing everything. You certainly don’t expect them to continue to lie over many months that the investigations still under investigation, WHEN they’re not investigating at all.

Then WHEN their Fuckery is found out, you certainly don’t expect them to then begin manufacturing and fabricating documents, files and witness statements to try to fool you, that they did an investigation.

POLICE COMMISSION: Is supposed to oversee the Calgary Police Service. Unless of course the Police Commission is in bed with the Police. Such was the case for decades, and such is the case today.

You’ think, that after the findings of the Alberta Government Arkinstall Inquiry Report that the Police and the Police Commission would learn their lesson. If you thought that, then you’d be wrong seriously wrong.

Like a bad dream that keeps on coming back, the Calgary Police & the Calgary Police Commission are back in bed together, in a crooked, corrupt and criminal relationship. A relationship certainly not acting in the best interests of those they proclaim to serve. That would be us, the citizens of Calgary.

Even as this page is being published, (15th Day of May 2022) Deborah Petriuk, the Public Complaint Director and Legal Counsel for the Police Commission is knowingly covering up crooked corrupt and criminal acts committed by Calgary Police Service members past and present, including police commission members and others. In doing so, Petriuk has at the very least committed acts punishable under the Criminal Code of Canada and the Law Society codes of conduct herself. There are quite a few who will benefit from her actions, should she succeed.


New Calgary Police Commission Chair Shawn Cornett has been made aware of Petriuks crooked acts, as well as my other published websites. Will Chair Cornett attempt to cover up the cover ups as her predecessors have done. Time will tell.

Famous Astronomer Carl Sagan author of this famous quote, used many times, ”extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” Well we have that.

This website will be continually updated.