Det S Frizzell

1. Spencer Frizzell is an ex Detective with the Calgary Police Service and Frizzell allowed over eight criminal charges to be laid against me (John Kelly) where-in Frizzell named himself as the victim, even though Detective Frizzell knew those charges were fabricated, false, bogus, a sham, lies, and orchestrated.

2. On Tuesday the 28th Day of August 2018, I had a meeting in Calgary at the offices of the Law Society of Alberta (the 3rd such meeting) with their Manager of Investigations.

The Manager of Investigations is ex-Detective John Dooks of the Calgary Police Service. In that meeting Dooks stated to the effect that Frizzell could not be held accountable for any bogus criminal charges being filed against me as Frizzell had not been the one to sign the charge sheet presented to the court.

3. Later on that same day, Dooks further stated in an e-mail exchange ” I asked who laid the charges and you advised the RCMP laid the charges. I said it is reasonable then, he (Frizzell) had nothing to do with the wording of the charges or ensuring if the dates were correct or not. ”

Dooks was blaming the RCMP for the bogus criminal charges laid against me, as the charge sheet(s) were signed by officer(s) from the RCMP.

4. My response to Dooks was this ” If you (Dooks) are standing by that assumption, would you also come to the assumption that if Frizzell was well aware of the charges being laid and knew the dates were bogus, a lie, not true, and knew that the charges were bogus, a lie, not true, and did nothing about it. Then he (Frizzell) committed criminal act(s). ”

VERY IMPORTANT: Ex Detective John Dooks still refuses to answer to that and many more important questions placed to him. It’s also important to note that Dooks works at the Law Society of Alberta as Manager of Investigations and that Spencer Frizzell also works at the Law Society of Alberta as Dooks second in command. John Dooks has a very crooked ex cop working for the Law Society of Alberta, and Dooks is well aware of that.

5. Frizzell was an integral part of ex Chief Rick Hanson’s plans to manipulate the criminal justice system to get the desired results that Hanson wanted, and that was to get me wrongfully convicted and placed in prison, and they succeeded.

6. Make no mistake, Detective Spencer Frizzell was a very loyal soldier. Frizzell did whatever he was told, regardless of whether it was right or wrong, and he carried out his criminal and unlawful acts irregardless of the serious harm he knew would be inflicted on myself, and others in the process.

7. Frizzell didn’t act alone, he worked closely with Murray Bartley RCMP and others, some who are still serving and holding senior positions within the Calgary Police Service, including the Office of the Chief. Others who assisted them are from within the Crown Prosecutors Office and Alberta Justice….

Much more coming soon: