1. Ex Detective Spencer Frizzell of the Calgary Police Service allowed over fourteen criminal charges to be laid against me (John Kelly) when ex Detective Frizzell knew that those charges were bogus, fabricated, false, a sham, lies, and orchestrated.


Frizzell and his co-conspirators started out by having me charged with two (2) counts of interfering with potential witnesses in the cold case homicide of Aaron Shoulders. The charges they laid stated I interfered in that investigation, by interfering with potential witnesses from the 1st Day of June 2008 until the 18th Day of February 2010, a total span of 628 days.

They also started out by also having me charged with four (4) counts of Criminal libel for what they stated was me posting untrue statements on my website(s). I was charged with 4 separate counts of Criminal libel under section 300 and 301 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Very Important Note: Nine weeks after they arrested & charged me, a Judge threw out all 7 bogus charges. The Judge did so after Frizzell and his co-conspirators could not provide to the Judge one iota of evidence that I’d interfered with any potential witnesses, or provide one iota of evidence that I’d committed criminal libel, or any evidence the statements that were on my website(s) were untrue.

Very Important Note: Frizzell and his co-conspirators have never ever refiled any charges of Criminal libel re; the content of my website(s). And they never took any action in the civil courts either. (much much more to follow on this).


Not deterred by the Judge throwing those 7 charges out of court. Frizzell and his co-conspirators refiled the bogus charges of interfering with potential witnesses, using the same dates ( over 628 days ) and using new criminal docket number(s), they also added more bogus criminal charges to those dockets. (much more to follow)


By the end of their filing and refiling of many different numbered criminal dockets, adding new bogus charges of obstruction in the same cold case Homicide and more. Frizzell and his co-conspirators ended up filing more than Thirty (34) Four criminal charges against me. Once again doing so knowing that all of the charges were bogus, fabricated, false, a sham, lies, and made up.

Very Important Note: During these bogus filings, they also changed the dates of the charge(s) they laid of interfering with potential witnesses in the cold case Homicide. They went all the way down to firstly stating that the interference occurred over a period of 628 days, and by the time of the trial, their story changed to the interference of potential witnesses as being in fact not witnesses but one witness. Further the dates of the interference of that one potential witness, was only over a One (1) day period. A very long way from the 628 days they started out with. ( much more to follow )

Very Important Note: The obstruction charges they laid were all dismissed. (much more to follow on this) .

Very Important Note: They also used these bogus charges in concert with other information, that they also knew to be false, to support an application whereby they illegally gained a search and seizure warrant. They used that warrant to seize boxes and boxes containing hundreds upon hundreds of documents and other materials from my residence. Those documents have never been seen since. ( much more to follow )

2. Det Frizzell did not act alone, he was an integral part of ex Calgary Police Chief, Rick Hanson’s plans to manipulate the criminal justice system to get the desired results that they wanted, and that was to get me wrongfully convicted and placed in prison, and in the end they succeeded.

3. Frizzell also worked closely with Murray Bartley RCMP, and others, some who are still serving and holding senior positions within the Calgary Police Service, including the Office of the Chief, the RCMP and others.

4. Detective Spencer Frizzell was a very loyal soldier. Frizzell did whatever he was told, regardless of whether it was right or wrong, and he carried out his criminal and unlawful acts irregardless of the serious harm he knew would be inflicted on myself, and others in the process.

Much more on Frizzell and others coming soon: