1. The head of the RCMP in Alberta has evidence in his possession that past and present senior officers now under his command have engaged in corrupt and criminal acts. Such acts that had they not been police officers they would have already been arrested and charged. The fact that they haven’t shows that the corruption leads right into the top echelons of the RCMP.

2. The fact that two of the senior officers are Chief Superintendent Marlin Degrand the Deputy Criminal Operations Officer and Chief Superintendent Tony Hamori the District Commander Southern Alberta District, are further testaments as to how high the corruption goes.

This page and the links attached  will deal with the following RCMP entities.

(a) The office of Commissioner RCMP K Division.

(b) K Division Alberta.

(c) Lethbridge Major Crimes Division.

(d) RCMP Detachments Calgary, Airdrie, Drumheller and Strathmore.

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